1. 52. Children Need to be Taught Life Skills George Siegal 30:22

August 23, 2022
52. Children Need to be Taught Life Skills

Vinny Capone is the managing director of Overcoming Obstacles, a nonprofit organization that provides free resources to educators so they can teach their students essential life skills.  To date, over 300,000 educators from around the world have taught Overcoming Obstacles life skills lessons to more than 70 million students.

Here are some important moments with Vinny from the podcast: 

At 7:16 Vinny shares several of the ways Overcoming Obstacles makes a difference.

 At 10:37 What have you done to make it easier for teachers to use the program?

At 17:35 Can you share some examples of where the program has made a big difference?

Here are some ways to follow and contact Vinny and Overcoming Obstacles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OvercomingObstaclesLifeSkills

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/overcomingobstacles

Website: https://www.overcomingobstacles.org

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