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AT#895 – Travel to Palau

  1. AT#895 - Travel to Palau Chris Christensen 47:40

Hear about travel to the country Palau as the Amateur Traveler talks to Randy Rohrer about his recent kayak and scuba safari to this tropical paradise. 

Why should you go to Palau?

Randy says, “I think people should go to Palau if you want to experience incredible diverse underwater marine life colorful corals, clear warm water. It’s an unspoiled underwater paradise with beautiful sandy beaches, and it also has World War II history. When we were there, we saw colorful corals, fish of all species and sizes, jellyfish, turtles, sharks, squid, manta rays, dolphins, giant clams, and all kinds of exotic plants.”

Embarking on a kayak and snorkel safari in Palau in the Western Pacific, Randy Roar from Maryland shares his exhilarating experience, revealing why this remote archipelago is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers.

Arrival and Stay in Koror

Travelers typically fly into Koror, the bustling hub of Palau, via Hawaii and Guam. Randy suggests taking an extra day to acclimate and recover from jet lag upon arrival. In Koror, visitors can explore the Epperson Museum and the Palau Aquarium to gain insights into the local culture and marine biodiversity.

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Chris is the creator of Amateur Traveler is a popular online travel podcast and blog that focuses primarily on travel destinations. The Amateur Traveler podcast was downloaded over 2 million times in 2023.

The Amateur Traveler is 18+ years old and they use Amateur Traveler to teach English at Oxford University and to test English proficiency for employment with the Thailand Foreign Ministry.

Chris has won a Lowell Thomas Award, 5 NATJA awards, and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure as the "best independent travel journalist."

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