Saturday - April 13th, 2024
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The first blog one of our co-founders, Anne Holmes, ever wrote was titled Boomer Lifestyle. Sadly, that blog no longer exists, except maybe in the ‘WayBack Machine.’ But the thing about us Boomers is that we are NOT a homogenous group. For every Boomer man or woman who graduated college and immediately went to work in a hard-charging, corporate environment, there is another Boomer who became a teacher and a woman who honed her nurturing and caregiving skills as a wife and mother. Or maybe as a nurse, med tech, physical therapist, EMT or doctor. And let’s not forget the Boomers who served in the military, and the very adventurous ones who grew up to become business owners – on farms and ranches, or as retailers and restaurant owners, ad agency execs, lawyers and scientists. We can’t forget those who worked as technicians, religious leaders, news reporters, grocery store cashiers, etc. And the wonderful professional volunteers, who keep the world running.

There is not just one single Boomer lifestyle. Nor is one choice better than another. But we’ll try to celebrate a variety of lifestyles Boomer here…