Wednesday - November 30, 2022
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What The Dementia

Breanna Wilson( From Independent Podcaster)

On What the Dementia we discuss important issues that you may run into as a care partner and challenging dementia behaviors you may encounter. We also demystify certain dementia care topics and learn to question certain practices that may be better approached in a different way. Our biggest goal is to integrate dementia care talks into everyday conversations. Dementia definitely sucks, but we need to talk about it! If you think that Bambu Care and our What the Dementia podcast can help you along your care partner journey, we encourage you to subscribe to the podcast and stay tuned.

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In this original What the Dementia episode, we provide a few insights about pain and dementia.  *NOW OPEN* JOIN THE BAMBU CARE CHAMPION COMMUNITY COMMUNITY (OPEN TO ALL DEMENTIA CARE PARTNERS...