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Braintrust Named To Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2024 List For Second Consecutive Year &Raquo; 2122

Braintrust Named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2024 List for Second Consecutive Year

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The Ultimate Guide On Finding Businesses For Sale &Raquo; How To Find Businesses For Sale 1024X683 1 650X434 1

The Ultimate Guide on Finding Businesses for Sale

If you’ve ever envisioned yourself as a successful business leader, shaping a company’s future and reaping the rewards of your hard work, then you’ve come to the right place. The journey to business ownership is full of exciting opportunities, and it all starts with finding the perfect business to buy. You’ll discover many possibilities in […]

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Training And Development: Core Pillars Of Sales Enablement &Raquo; Img 2023 Scaled

Training and Development: Core Pillars of Sales Enablement

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Communicate For Clarity &Raquo; Shutterstock 709519294 300X200 1

Communicate for Clarity

It’s so very easy to miss the message or to do a poor job of delivering it. Things will smell much better if we each take 100% responsibility for communicating with clarity. Source

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Disorienting Situations – The Leader’s Response &Raquo; People Mysteries

Disorienting Situations – The Leader’s Response

Editor’s Note – I am recycling some old articles that seem to have not lost the meaning. Disregard the time period references. The message still rings true today. As someone who works with business leaders in many different sectors, I’ve paused to reflect on exactly how I feel about the current state of affairs around […]

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Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge

In the classic feel-good movie “Dodge Ball”, legend Patches O’Houlihan, played by Rip Torn, yells these 5 words at the misfits of “Average Joe’s Gym”. That gym is owned by Peter LaFleur (Vince Vaughn). The gym is in debt and needs $50,000 to avoid being gobbled up by “Globo Gym” owned by the villain, White […]

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Want Real Change? Don’t Take The Scenic Route &Raquo; Scenic Route 650X433 1

Want Real Change? Don’t Take the Scenic Route

If you are thinking about making a change at work, at home or for yourself, don’t take the scenic route. We’ve all done it. You went on a trip. Somewhere along the way you see signs for the scenic route. So you take a detour. You begin traveling down smaller, winding roads. You see fewer […]

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How To Better Activate Sales Training Skills &Raquo; Img 2023 Scaled

How to better activate sales training skills

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The Future Of B2B Sales Training: Adapting To A Changing Business Landscape &Raquo; Img 2023 Scaled

The Future of B2B Sales Training: Adapting to a Changing Business Landscape

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