Saturday - March 2nd, 2024
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Maybe our love of travel was whetted early on by Ricky Nelson’s iconic song of the early 60s, ‘Travelin’ Man,’ or perhaps it was all those family road trips we took as kids. Regardless, travel organizations like Expedia know that rather than slowing down, we Boomers are redefining the art of travel, hitting the road in search of opportunities for discovery and growth.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, AARP’s 2021 Travel Trends Report noted that we are looking for ‘experiential travel,’ and 25% of us were actively working on our bucket lists. Our newest preferred travel opportunity involves hands-on learning experiences, such as the guided bicycle trip through Vienna and Prague that a high school friend of mine recently took. Or the opportunity to go ‘behind the scenes’ and do things like dine with locals, spend a few weeks working on an archaeological dig, or even climb the rigging of a four-masted schooner, as part of the working crew. As Simon and Garfunkel sang back in 1970, ‘Sail on, silver girl!

While travel over the summer of 2022 was not as much fun — due to airline delays and cancellations, soaring hotel prices, and the challenges in getting a rental car — as post-pandemic travel ramped back up, our collective wanderlust was not slaked. Whether the option is group travel, family travel or adventure travel, we Boomers are all in!