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What's the value?

Terry McMullen ( From Independent Podcaster)

Every episode is a one on one conversation with a guest, where I ask them one simple question to start– “what’s the value?” By that I mean what is the value that matters most to you, that guides your purpose in life, that makes you who you are? That is where things get interesting. We spend the rest of the show exploring, dissecting, pressure testing, and ultimately trying to better understand that value and the guest’s underlying philosophy on life. It is raw, authentic, and thought provoking; and hopefully by the end we’ll learn something that makes us better people.

233 episodes
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Mature Content

These conversations are hard. I've listened back to this one a number of times and the only thing I can keep thinking is "nuance."These discussions are nuanced, these topics are nuanced, life is...

Mature Content

Dana has experienced a lot of trauma and abuse in her life by narcissists. From a young age she dealt with it from her mother and step father and even later in life at the hands of her ex-husband....

Mature Content

Hajar cares deeply about humanity. She believes in humanity and that we can figure out ways to stop finding reasons to divide ourselves, causing suffering, and hating one another. She is also...

Mature Content

There are some conversations, where you feel like you are truly examining the human experience; not for any specific reason, but just because both people are so fascinated with understanding.This...

Mature Content

I am not there yet, I know that. I want to be able to have conversations with people, like my guest Frank, and actually get to the root of it. I want to be able to understand what makes people see...

Mature Content

Sean, at one time in his life, was angry, overweight, drinking too much, and not the person he wanted to be in life. There were various reasons for these issues, but if you had to sum them up, it was...

Mature Content

Jamie is developing a philosophy called sentientism (as hard to write as it is to say), which is based on the idea of using evidence and reason to determine what living beings are sentient and then...

Mature Content

Brian is a strong believer in libertarianism and the idea that both parties have their obvious flaws therefore the only thing that makes sense is minimizing government and allowing people to be free...

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