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  1. "Fixing our economic systems" - Christopher Ellingsworth Terry McMullen 1:00:55

Chris has a bold belief that he understands the issues with our current economic systems, the ways they are hurting society and the earth, and what needs to be done to fix them.

His work, with his non-profit (The Foundation of New World), is meant to build awareness and drive people to implement these fixes. At the root of the problem, Chris believes we are focusing on the wrong metrics (GDP, currency values, inflation, etc.) which are leading us to overproduce, overwork our employees, and destroy value.

Although many people would agree that our current systems have issues, it is a massive claim to suggest that there is a cure-all to fix them. So Chris and I spent a good bit of time trying to understand his solution and how realistic it was. We also spent time trying to better understand Chris, where this mission came from, and why he has dedicated so much of his life to it.

A more complete bio from Chris-

Christopher Ellingsworth is the Founder and CEO of a non-profit, (https://thefoundationofanewworld.com/⁠), and a veteran. He would like to not only raise awareness about the non-profit and its goals, but also to raise awareness and teach people about a core problem of our society that is overlooked, not understood, and thought to be unsolvable. This core problem is our financial system and its designs that push our society to produce products designed to fail so they can be built again, simultaneously causing us to destroy our own environment reproducing what is planned to be garbage as soon as possible and pushing the majority of humankind into something close to if not, a form of indentured servitude.

I spent much of my career trying to consult companies on how to better achieve their goals. I was a Finance major, a Harvard Business School graduate, and a business strategist. I've always been curious and I've always loved trying to solve problems. It was a really good fit for a while, but then life happened.

Within the span of a couple of years I had a son, my sister tragically passed away, and my wife became severely ill with Multiple Sclerosis. All of a sudden everything I thought I knew about life didn't seem to make sense anymore. I needed to raise my son and teach him how to be a good person but I realized I didn't even know what it meant to be a good person, let alone know how to teach him to be one. I also realized that I wasn't capable of being the person my wife needed me to be to help care for her. Simply put, I wasn't good enough.