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Thanks for visiting this page and showing interest in supporting, the ultimate site for news, guides, and community for the Baby Boomer Generation!

As you undoubtedly know, is an online membership community created by and for members of the Baby Boomer Generation.

The founders came together from different parts of the country and with different backgrounds, with the shared goal of building a living legacy to our generation. Not a legacy that no one knows about until we’ve eventually left this world behind. No. We want our legacy to be a living and vital force for good. Our goal is to be always benefiting our peers. Right now – while we’re all still alive and kicking.

We understand that we Boomers, a generation who have always gone our own way and mightily changed the world in the process, are in the process of winding down and setting things right with the world. Not to say that we’re all retiring. No. In fact, many of us have absolutely no plans to retire, because we love working and contributing to the world.

But we are at a point where we are figuring out what we want to accomplish with the remainder of our lives. As you know, we all have lives to live, grand babies to visit, trips to plan, new experiences to enjoy. And not only do we want to keep enjoying the lives we live – we know there are also so many things we have yet to do and try.

But let’s get down to the “nitty gritty:” To date, we’ve built this huge site with our own funds, and it’s been a massive undertaking – especially because we’ve gone “full-tilt,” and developed it all in a matter of a very short time.

But as much as we hope you are enjoying what we’ve built for you so far — we’re just getting started!  We have big ideas for new segments and features of the site which we know you’ll love and use regularly.

So here’s our pitch. If you like what you see, and you want to see more, we’d love it if you would consider “anteing up,” to help support our mission financially.

Please look at the options we’ve listed below. And thanks in advance for supporting our vision!

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