Monday - April 15th, 2024
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Society likes to tease that we Baby Boomers are generations behind younger demographics when it comes to technology adoption. But the truth is, we really have no desire to limit ourselves to an analog lifestyle. But at the same time, we subscribe to an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,’ philosophy, so we probably will never be early – or first — adopters of technology. We need to recognize a need for a product before buying.

A 2020 report by Mobiquity exploring Boomer engagement with digital technology found that when COVID-19 hit, we had no trouble taking our business online, since we recognized the safety benefits. We also value using digital health and banking services.

Despite the fact that most marketers still ignore Boomers, the fact is we not only support digital innovation, but we have more disposable income than most other generations and we are conversant with using all marketing platforms, including voice, video, email, mobile apps, and messaging platforms, and social media.

Yet, some of us admit that we still like to read our news printed on newsprint, rather than gathering it from our smartphones. (And that’s a ‘good thing’ for the newspaper industry, most of which have gone digital, while still maintaining presses and press workers.)

In other words, as a whole, we are convinced of the need for technology, but we need some persuasion in trusting it, and none of the news about data breeches is reassuring. About half of us worry about how companies use our personal data or how the government tracks us online. Which is why our generation is the least comfortable demographic when it comes to apps that track our activity. Not to mention we’re the least confident in our personal ability to control our data once it gets online. Hopefully you’ll come to trust to help you sort these issues out.