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Mitzi Let’s Think About It.

At Mitzi Think Inc; podcast ”Mitzi let’s think about it.”
Is all about thinking about Emotions, Taboos and speaking with others about their thoughts and sharing their life story.
Tune in, and let’s think about it together.
Check out Mitzithinkinc.com for more topics to ponder on!

338 episodes
Most Recent Episodes
Mature Content

Let's Think About "Chaos." Every human living and breathing on this earth is bound to face Chaos in our lives. Despite wanting an easy go through life, it is unfortunately not made that way. So why...

Mature Content

Let's Think About Somatics Nobody wants to keep their trauma, yet our body automatically does this for us. Heather not only opens our eyes to the ways our body does this, but she also gives excellent...

Mature Content

Let's Think About "A 360 Perspective." In this episode, I explore how important it is to maintain a 360-degree perspective in life. Amir was so kind as to share his viewpoint while providing great...

Mature Content

Let's Think About "Rejecting Labels." Rejecting the labels that have been given to us and even the ones we claim for ourselves can feel crippling at times. What would happen if we rejected the labels...

Mature Content

Let's Think About "Dream Empowerment" In this episode, Megan shares how she helps others feel empowered by their dreams. For some, that may seem like a ludicrous idea. However, she explains this in...

Mature Content

Let's Think About "Human Experience." The human experience is one we are always missing out on. It's crazy to think about human beings living and breathing yet not fully experiencing our today, our...

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