Sunday - September 25, 2022
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BoomerTECH Adventures

BoomerTECH Adventures( From Independent Podcaster)

Boomers constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills about their devices. We provide expert guidance and personalized resources to develop your competence and confidence using Apple devices.

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Use your personal assistant, Siri, to record and send text messages when it is impossible or inconvenient to type or record messages. Simple process, make sure that Siri is activated in your iPhone...

In this BoomerTECH Adventures' video learn how to use the Tips App found on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod for easy-to-understand tips about your Apple devices. For more information about BoomerTECH...

In this BoomerTECH Adventures' video blog, Chris, Jill, and Ed preview iOS 15 which was just released. Apple's yearly operating system update has some very interesting changes, as always, and we...

Pages is a versatile app for creating all sorts of documents. This video explains what you will see when you open the app and give you enough information to get started.