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101 Clues to a Happy Life

 Author: Alex Bäcker  Category: Education  Published: 28 May, 2022  ISBN: 166284218X  Pages: 128  Language: English  Tags: Alex Bäcker | Book | Education |  Buy Now

“You have a lot of really good advice here.” -Steve Harrison The publishing genius behind Chicken Soup for the Soul, Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and Rich Dad Poor Dad. Life is a wonderful adventure. If only it came with a guide, so we could avoid the mistakes made by others before us. This is what you are holding. Dr. Bäcker wrote this book for his children as they left for college. It contains insights he acquired over the years, many of which he wished he had known earlier. Via the dual lens of an objective scientist and loving parent, he shares his keen insights and pearls of wisdom. Beautifully illustrated with 66 brutally clever cartoons that drive the clues home with humor. “Alex Bäcker says in one perfect phrase things that others take 18 pages to say. It reads very fast. It’s well written. Short but funny, profound, it has 1,000 lessons. It’s beautiful. To be enjoyed.” -Mariano Sigman, cognitive neuroscientist, recipient of the National Prize of Physics, Laureate of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and author of The Secret Life of the Mind Alex Bäcker is a Caltech Ph.D., Top 100 MIT Technology Alumnus, and co-founder of QLess (named one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles) and Drisit, as seen in TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Nature, ABC, NBC…An inventor with 11 patents, he has won 11 Gold Stevies and was recognized as one of 40 under 40, and as IT Executive of the Year scientific studies on the role of sunlight and vitamin D in COVID-19. He lives a remarkably happy life.

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