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Campus Calm University

 Author: Maria Pascucci  Category: Education  Published: 01 Jan, 2008  ISBN: 0982116721  Pages: 297  Language: English  Tags: Book | Education | Maria Pascucci |  Buy Now

“Calm college student stress with the 10 mindsets to authentic success and happiness … in school and in the real world.” The college student’s step-by-step blueprint teaches you how to find ‘campus calm’ at any university and embrace the new paradigm of success characterized by joy, passion and purpose. You will discover how rewarding it is to: [ Manage college stress and still excel in demanding academic environments. [ Ditch your inner perfectionist and embrace lifelong learning. [ Tap your inner Picasso & be marketable to any employer no matter what your college major or degree. [ Eliminate confusion by looking inside for answers when the rest of the world is telling you that you should be headed down a different path. [ Use your unique strengths to transform your world on your own terms. [ Uncover the most important mindset shared by all happy, stress resistant people and learn why you can never be truly successful without it.

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