Tuesday - December 5th, 2023
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Hey, Boomer

Hey, Boomer is a show for people who will soon transition or have already transitioned to retirement and are asking the question, what is next?
On the show, we explore common fears that arise during this transition, such as fear of loneliness and boredom, the feeling of becoming invisible, and losing your sense of relevancy.
We also discuss challenges related to illness, health and money, all topics that impact us more significantly in this stage of our life.
On the show we also explore how to make our retirement years the best years of our lives. Our guests share real-life stories of finding purpose, fulfillment, and joy through staying engaged in life, travel, social involvement, adventure, and creative endeavors.
Hey, Boomer is building a community of like-minded people, people who want to live with passion, live with relevance, live with courage and believe that we are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

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