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Ep 182 Season 3: Unlocking the Keys to Deep Fulfillment for Midlife Thriving

  1. Ep 182 Season 3: Unlocking the Keys to Deep Fulfillment for Midlife Thriving Bernie Borges 28:35

Welcome to season three of the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. This is the first 'On My Mind' episode where I focus on explaining the difference between fulfillment and happiness, highlighting the significant role of fulfillment in your life.  Three key points I cover are:

Understanding the Distinction Between Fulfillment and Happiness

I discuss the difference between fulfillment and happiness. While happiness is seen as a fleeting emotion often triggered by external circumstances, fulfillment is a deeper and more enduring state that stems from a sense of purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in achievements. Unlike happiness, fulfillment is not solely about the pleasure of the moment; instead, it is about achieving a balanced state of being that aligns with your values, goals, and aspirations. It's important to understand this distinction as it plays a key role in ensuring a sense of wholeness and contentment. I often say that fulfillment is immutable, meaning it is rarely erased by external changes or temporary setbacks.

The Significance of Fulfillment in Midlife

Fulfillment holds substantial significance in Midlife, impacting many aspects of your life. This includes your meaning and purpose, self-actualization, emotional well-being, relationships, and legacy and impact. Fulfillment provides a sense of significance and connects you with deeper human needs and aspirations. As you pursue fulfillment, you contribute to the greater good, enriching your life while leaving a lasting impact on others and future generations.

Chasing Fulfillment Every Day

I emphasize the importance of pursuing fulfillment every day. The more you experience fulfillment, the more you seek it. It becomes addictive (in a good way), contributing to your overall sense of well-being and emotional stability. I suggest you prioritize fulfillment across the 5 pillars of Midlife: health, fitness, career, relationships, and legacy. I encourage you to recognize and own your pursuit of fulfillment, acknowledging its positive impact on your life and those around you.

Main Takeaway

I encourage you to embrace the profound impact of pursuing fulfillment in Midlife. Fulfillment goes beyond momentary happiness and contributes to your well-being, personal growth, and meaningful connections with others. Understanding the importance of fulfillment across the 5 pillars of Midlife can lead to a more enriching and purposeful life, empowering you to leave a legacy and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

Listen to episode 182 and delve into these principles around fulfillment in Midlife. You will gain valuable insights into fulfillment in your daily life, contributing to personal growth and overall well-being.


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Bernie Borges Host Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

I started podcasting in 2013. My most recent podcast is the Midlife Fulfilled weekly podcast which launched in February 2022.

I was frustrated by a lack of fulfillment, in spite of good health, a successful career, good fitness, a healthy marriage, and overall happiness. Despite these blessings, I was lacking fulfillment.

I conducted a survey and discovered that I wasn’t alone on the journey to find more fulfillment. As an experienced podcaster, I knew that I could provide a platform to help men and women in midlife find more fulfillment and joy through a weekly podcast.

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