1. Insights from the Estrangement Series: The Ultimate Recap Wendy Green 31:00

Season 7 – Episode 172

In this episode of Hey, Boomer, host Wendy Green delves into the complex and emotional topic of family and friend estrangement. The candid discussions with experts and real-life stories shed light on the pain and potential for reconciliation in strained relationships. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on the importance of fostering connections and prioritizing friendships as they navigate the challenges of aging.

Episode Overview

Host Wendy Green reflects on the profound insights gained from the show’s series on family and friend estrangement and reconciliation. Drawing from conversations with guests like Dr. Joshua Coleman, Dr. Janet Steinkamp, Fern Schumer Chapman, and Margie Zabel Fisher, Wendy offers a comprehensive overview of the key takeaways.

The episode features discussions with Dr. Coleman and Dr. Steinkamp, who emphasize the importance of understanding and respecting adult children’s decisions to establish boundaries or choose estrangement for their mental health and Self-Care. Wendy highlights the pain experienced by both sides of the estrangement and the potential for reconciliation, stressing the need for parents to take responsibility for their behaviors and embrace new ways of relating.

Notably, author Fern Schumer Chapman shares a personal journey of reconciliation after a 40-year estrangement with her brother, illuminating the ripple effects of sibling rejection on personal identity and family relationships. Additionally, Margie Zabel Fisher provides valuable insights on friendship estrangement, underscoring the significance of nurturing friendships, navigating tough conversations, and evaluating the impact of toxic relationships.


1. Adult children may choose estrangement for mental health and Self-Care, emphasizing the need for parents to respect and understand these decisions.

2. Reconciliation requires parents to take responsibility for their behaviors and be open to learning new ways of relating.

3. Evaluating the toxicity of relationships is crucial before pursuing reconciliation, as highlighted by the experiences and insights shared by the guests.


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