Tuesday - October 3rd, 2023
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Don’t Be The Bottleneck In Your Business!

My name is Laurent Notin; I am an Entrepreneur, Coach to Entrepreneurs, and Start-up Mentor.

Being an entrepreneur is the most exciting and demanding job I know.

Entrepreneurs get to wear many hats, acquire many skills, and make many decisions – fast. All whilst under extreme pressure to deliver quality work to their clients, take care of their employees, and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Entrepreneurship is a calling. No entrepreneurs set themselves up to fail. No entrepreneurs believe they can’t do it.

But it happens more often than we’d like to think.


Usually, because the company’s founders have locked themselves into a situation they can’t get out of.

They know something’s wrong, perhaps they’ve seen some signs or people have warned them, but somehow, they don’t act.

Call it ego, fear, or lack of accountability. It doesn’t matter.

It happens when entrepreneurs become the main bottleneck in their business, and it’s the biggest risk they face.

You can be a bottleneck in many ways, but the price you pay is always the same: you’re stuck.

When you’re stuck, your business is stuck.

That’s when this podcast comes in. It’s all about helping entrepreneurs perform better, so their businesses perform better.

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