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Scaling Your Business: The Importance of Delegation and Leadership  | Aron Clymer| Founder & CEO of Data Clymer | Inter:views 125

  1. Scaling Your Business: The Importance of Delegation and Leadership  | Aron Clymer| Founder & CEO of Data Clymer | Inter:views 125 Laurent Notin 33:48

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the day-to-day operations of their businesses and struggle to take their skills to the next level. The reason? They have become the bottleneck in their businesses. 

 Growing your company and scaling yourself out starts with hiring people and delegating to allow more time for strategy and identifying opportunities in your way. Initially, you must handle most of the work and leverage your network to build strong relationships and expand. 

 However, to scale your business, you need a leadership team that can take the work off your plate to give you more time to focus on research, strategy, and preparation. As an entrepreneur, time is a precious commodity, and doing too much can leave little room for doing things that matter to scale to the next level of growth. Start hiring a management team, and position yourself for scale. Growth and scale are inherent parts of your vision. 

Join the conversation with Aron Clymer, the founder, and CEO of Data Clymer, a Next-gen data and analytic Consulting firm that empower every client’s success by unlocking the value of data. The Data Clymer team helps their client get data-driven answers quickly, write data silos, address a lack of reporting capabilities, and provide more data engineering resources. 

Aron previously established and built the product intelligence team at Salesforce for seven years to support all data and analytics needs of 400-plus product managers. Then he headed data at PopSugar, where his team democratized data and supported analytic science across the company. Aron has grown Data Clymer over the past six years into a nationwide team of deeply experienced data professionals.

 Let’s jump in!

Key Highlights From The Show:

[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Aron Clymer

[01:53] A bit about Aron’s journey and his love for data

[05:42] Aron’s experience running a company in the service industry

[11:18] When Aron knew it was time to take a leap from the corporate

[13:40] How to leverage your network when starting your business to grow 

[15:06] People that have made a big difference in Aron’s company

[16:35] When Aron knew that it was time to scale himself out of his company

[18:30] Aron’s big dream and vision for Data Clymer

[20:25] Aron’s entrepreneurship journey stages and his next phase 

[24:26] What Aron has learned about himself from six years of entrepreneurship 

[27:47] Delegation and empowering your team in decision-making 

[29:34] The accomplishment that Aron is really proud of

[31:11] The importance of investing in people and relationships in your company

[32:00] Aron’s one practical recommendation to all aspiring entrepreneurs

[33:12] How to reach out and connect with Aron

[33:29] Ending the show

 Notable Quotes: 

  • When starting out, you will need your network, and that is how you will succeed at the beginning.

  • When you want to scale yourself out, you need a leadership team and to delegate a lot of what you’re doing to start focusing more on strategy.

  • When you start hiring a management team, that’s when you are ready for scale.

  • When you delegate, as long as something can be done 80% well as you could do it,  just leave it alone, It’s never going to be 100%.

  • Failure is where you learn the most, and you’re going to fail at something no matter what.

 Connect With Aron Clymer: 

Company website:



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Laurent Notin The Bottleneck Coach : Getting Entrepreneurs Unstuck; Podcast Host

I am a French national who left France at 23, and spent 20 years in South-East Asia, before relocating to Finland in the summer of 2019.

​My professional background is in market research and advertising, where I ran small businesses of up to 150 people across 3 countries.

I've always cared more about others than about myself. I've developed a passion for coaching, mentoring, advising, and training people throughout the years. Combined with my entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a coach to entrepreneurs just made sense.

Today, I combine my experience and expertise to unlock entrepreneurs from situations they create when they become the bottleneck in their business.

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