Sunday - February 25th, 2024
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Thanks for checking out the Awarepreneurs podcast! My name is Paul Zelizer and I am passionate – you could say obsessed – about the intersection of 3 things: a) conscious business, b) social impact and c) awareness practices. I believe these 3 movements are some of the most dynamic movements on our planet at this time.

Around the world. people are discovering how to lead with compassion and create businesses that truly are a force for good. Each week, I do a deep dive interview with a thought leader in this intersection. Someone who has an enterprise that is market tested and already transforming many lives. I ask the gritty and sometimes challenging questions – like how they earn their money, how many people they help and what some of their biggest failures are.

My goal for this show is to help you grow your businesses, enhance your well being and increase your social impact.

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