Monday - April 15th, 2024
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The Practical Optimist

Real people having real conversations about the intersection of leadership and life.

The Practical Optimist is a heartfelt conversation about the intersection of our personal and professional lives and what shapes our decisions. In each episode, you will hear candid, inspiring conversations with regular people who are industry leaders. We’ll talk about the decisions they’ve made – both good and bad – and the various turning points that made them the leader and the human being they are today.

Host Ken Schmitt is CEO & Founder of TurningPoint Executive Search and the author of The Practical Optimist, An Entrepreneur’s Journey through Life’s Turning Points. Raised in an entrepreneurial household and married to a marriage and family therapist, Ken comes to the mic with a uniquely authentic and honest voice, blending life, family, and business. Not preachy, academic, or theoretical, this podcast focuses on what makes real leaders tick. Our guests are vulnerable, honest, and fully transparent. We laugh a ton and learn something about ourselves along the way! Join Ken twice a month for real-world examples of how to be an effective leader and how to live a complete life.

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