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July 8th, 2024

Hiring (without Crushing Careers) Matters, with Adam Weber, Chief Evangelist, 15Five

  1. Hiring (without Crushing Careers) Matters, with Adam Weber, Chief Evangelist, 15Five Ken Schmitt 54:03

Ever had a job that felt like it sucked the soul right outta you? Struggling to find the right fit or to create a dynamic and engaged team? Let’s dive deep into the world of hiring, careers, and leadership to explore how to break free from soul-crushing jobs and build a fulfilling work environment.   In this best-of-episode, we’re revisiting one of our favourite guest interviews featuring Adam Weber, the Chief Evangelist of 15Five and Co-Founder of Emplify. Join us as Adam imparts his invaluable insights on discovering fulfillment in your professional journey and cultivating a vibrant, empowered team culture that ignites positivity and energy. We explore the concept of Radical Clarity—what it really means and why it’s a game-changer in setting and achieving goals. Adam’s insights will make you rethink team dynamics as we uncover how to unlock your team’s hidden superpowers. By creating a sweet spot where goals are clearly set, organizations can cultivate a more productive and engaging environment.   We also dive into understanding your company’s mission and values, and what sets you apart in the marketplace. Knowing these core elements is essential for aligning your team’s efforts and creating a cohesive, motivated workforce.  Adam shares his experiences on how clear, well-communicated values can drive a company’s success and help employees find deeper meaning in their work.   Discover the secrets to uncovering your team’s true capabilities and learn practical takeaways that blend professional wisdom with personal passion. This eye-opening conversation is filled with insights that will help you create a more successful and impactful organization by focusing on the right goals, fostering a supportive environment, and embracing personal growth.  

About our Guest:

Adam Weber is not just a corporate wizard but also an Author, Podcast Host, retired pastor, former musician, and aspiring comedian. Adam is the Chief Evangelist at 15Five, the performance management platform that drives business results.     Adam also previously co-founded Emplify, an employee engagement measurement platform, and Bluebridge Digital, a mobile app platform. He sold the companies in 2020 and 2016 respectively.  Additionally, he is the host of 15Five’s HR Superstars podcast, and the author of the Amazon best-selling book on leadership and culture, “Lead Like a Human”. In 2020, Adam was named to Business Insider’s list of Rising Stars in HR.  

About Your Host:

Ken Schmitt is the CEO and founder of TurningPoint Executive Search. He is also the author of “The Practical Optimist: An Entrepreneur’s Journey through Life’s Turning Points”. Ken was raised in an entrepreneurial family and brings a uniquely authentic voice to his podcast, blending life, family, and business together. Ken is a seasoned expert with almost three decades of experience in executive recruiting. In his podcast, he focuses on revealing the secrets of recruiting, retention, and real HR strategies. The podcast is not preachy, academic, or theoretical. It provides authentic perspectives on the challenges, triumphs, and quirks that make the hiring game both exhilarating and unpredictable. Twice a month, Ken offers tactical advice and industry insights to empower listeners to navigate the intricate world of executive recruiting confidently. “Hiring Matters” is your go-to resource for elevating your hiring game and equipping you with the tools to build, grow, and lead truly exceptional teams. Brace yourself for Ken’s “Recruiter Rant” episodes, where he shares unfiltered insights and behind-the-scenes revelations about the industry’s hidden secrets. Get ready to gain more than expected from this informative and engaging podcast. Follow Ken on LinkedIn

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Ken Schmitt Podcaster, Author, and CEO

Ken Schmitt has been recruiting for 26 years. A San Diego native, he grew up in an entrepreneurial household with a father who was a Jack in the Box franchisee for 25 years and a mother who left the accounting world to become a real estate agent.

In 1998, Ken answered an ad in the newspaper for a recruiting job and never looked back. After spending 9 years working for a local boutique firm, a large regional firm, and one of the world’s largest Executive Search firms, Heidrick & Struggles, he launched TurningPoint Executive Search in 2007 and now employs 7 professionals in a 100% remote work environment.

In 2023, Ken published “The Practical Optimist: An Entrepreneurial Journey Through Life’s TurningPoints” through Advantage Publishing. He also launched a new podcast of the same name, highlighting everyday people who are making an extraordinary impact on their families, their business, and their community.

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