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Sittin' In With The CAT

This show features interviews with legacy bands and performers from the Classic Rock, Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Pop and Oldies genres. Ray White, multi-award nominated host of Classic Artists Today and Coool CAT, internationally syndicated radio show, brings you the latest from the musicians from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s who have sold hundreds of millions of albums. We’ll talk with them about the past…present…and future.

130 episodes
Most Recent Episodes

Better Than Ezra was formed in 1988 in Louisiana.  Their first major label album, Deluxe, went Platinum.  Throughout the years a dozen of their singles have landed on the charts.  Multi-award...

Humble Pie came together in 1969 led by Steve Marriott and Peter Frampton.  Many regarded the band as the first supergroup in rock music.  Throughout the years the band has experienced numerous...

Ivan Neville, son of Aaron Neville and nephew of the other Neville Brothers, has been on the national music scene since 1983.  You'll find him on albums by his band Dumpstaphunk, his Dad, The...

Jeff Berlin is known among bass players as one of the elite.  His one-of-a-kind tone, jaw dropping techniques and highly advanced harmonic approaches to the bass puts him near the top.  In addition...

Jimmy Buffett was a icon in the world of popular music.  The king of feel good, partytime music, he released over 30 albums during his musical career - including 8 Gold and 9 Platinum or...

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