Saturday - April 13th, 2024
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Thriving Thru Menopause

Clarissa Kristjansson ( From Independent Podcaster)

Join menopause health coach and mindfulness practitioner Clarissa Kristjansson as she takes you on a journey to learn how to holistically take control of your menopause symptoms.Every week Clarissa covers topics from sleeping better to dealing with anxiety to improving your relationships. She introduces you to a wide range of guests who bring their expertise, insights and practical tips to help you better manage your menopause and its challenges. So you can thrive rather than survive this life stage.Find out more about the podcast by visiting and follow Clarissa Kristjansson on LinkedIn and Instagram @thrivingthrumenopause

Most Recent Episodes

In this episode of Thriving Through Menopause, OBGYN Dr. Cat Brown discusses the importance of women receiving proper treatment during perimenopause and menopause. She explains that the founders of...