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May 20th, 2024

Unlocking the Truth About Hormone Therapy

  1. Unlocking the Truth About Hormone Therapy Clarissa Kristjansson 34:56

Are you confused about HRT and looking for more support and guidance to help you make informed decisions? This week, Dr. Daved Rosensweet joins me to discuss Menopause and hormone therapy and to dispel some of the myths and confusion.

Dr. Rosensweet was the clinical physician involved in the very first Nurse Practitioner training program in the U.S.A. and in charge of health promotion for the State of New Mexico. He teaches health professionals about treating women in Menopause with bio-identical hormones.

He explains that the confusion arose in 2002 when a study falsely reported an increased risk of breast cancer with hormone therapy. He clarifies that the study showed a reduced risk and that subsequent research confirmed the safety and benefits of hormone therapy.

Dr Rosensweet also explains the difference between traditional hormone therapy derived from horse urine and bioidentical hormones derived from plants. He discusses the politics and profit motives behind the controversy surrounding bioidentical hormones.

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of individualized treatment and testing hormone levels after a few months of therapy.

In this conversation, Dr. Daved Rosensweet discusses the importance of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen in women’s health and shares why he believes it is necessary to replenish all four ovarian hormones for optimal well-being.

Dr. Rosensweet also explains the significance of testosterone in preserving muscle mass and preventing muscle loss in older women. He highlights the importance of finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about hormones and can individualize hormone prescriptions. The conversation also touches on the best vehicles for hormone delivery and the duration of hormone replacement therapy.

Key Takeaways

* Confusion about hormone therapy arose from a false report in 2002 that suggested an increased risk of breast cancer. Subsequent research has shown that hormone therapy actually reduces the risk of breast cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

* Traditional hormone therapy derived from horse urine was widely used but has been largely replaced by bioidentical hormones derived from plants.

* The controversy surrounding bioidentical hormones is driven by profit motives and attempts by pharmaceutical companies to regain market share.

* Testing hormone levels is not necessary before starting hormone therapy, but it is important to monitor levels after a few months of treatment to ensure optimal dosing.

* Individualized treatment is key, as hormone needs vary among women. Progesterone is crucial for mood, sleep, and bone health in women.

* Testosterone is not just a male hormone but a human hormone that plays a role in muscle preservation.

* Replenishing all four ovarian hormones is important for overall well-being in Menopause.

* Finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about hormones and can individualize prescriptions is essential.

* Topical application of hormones in creams, gels, or oils is the safest and most effective method.

* The duration of hormone replacement therapy should be based on individual needs and can be lifelong.


00:00 Introduction and the Confusion Surrounding Menopause

03:33 The Truth About Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk

06:50 The Difference Between Traditional and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

08:20 The Politics and Profit Motives Behind the Controversy

14:36The Importance of Testing Hormone Levels After Treatment

16:48 The Need for Individualized Treatment

19:57 Replenishing All Four Ovarian Hormones

20:18 Preserving Muscle Mass with Testosterone

23:35 Finding a Knowledgeable Healthcare Provider

23:52 The Best Vehicles for Hormone Delivery

24:24 The Duration of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Clarissa Kristjansson Independant Podcaster

At 62 Clarissa Kristjansson knows that menopause can be positive, transformational and an upgrade in our creativity. Clarissa is an internationally recognized menopause educator, third-age women's health coach, and certified mindfulness and medical qi gong practitioner.

A neuroscientist and former corporate high-flyer it was her own perimenopause experience that set her on a different path to empower women. And by cracking open the conversation about our beliefs and behaviour we can shift the collective mindset to seeing menopause not as the end but as an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.

She is the host of the popular Thriving Thru Menopause podcast.

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