Monday - January 30, 2023
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Money Is Emotional

Christine Luken( From Independent Podcaster)

Welcome to the Money is Emotional Podcast with Christine Luken, The Financial Dignity® Coach. In this podcast, we help you recover a positive and peaceful relationship with your personal finances. We do this by bringing together wise money management with emotional intelligence. Join us for this journey where we navigate our relationship with money as Christine Luken draws from years of experience and guest experts to help you get to the root of your money issues.

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Contrary to popular belief, more money won’t fix your financial problems! (If that were true, then celebrities and professional athletes would never go bankrupt.) In this episode of Money Is...

Forget trying to take emotions out of your money. Instead, commit to increasing your emotional money IQ.  As the Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, started this podcast to empower you with...