Saturday - April 13th, 2024
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Looking Forward

Jeff Ostroff ( From Independent Podcaster)

Looking Forward: Opportunities for Job, Career, Business, and Investment Seekers is THE podcast about GLOBAL trends, the future, and most importantly, the OPPORTUNITIES they are creating… and how YOU might begin to capitalize on them. Do you want to seize the many opportunities the world is offering right now and into the future? Well, hey, THIS podcast is for you! On occasion, we also do episodes about opportunities to improve your health and well being.

Guests are experts in their fields. Most are senior executives, household names, authors, entrepreneurs, distinguished faculty at prestigious universities, etc.

We welcome any comments and reviews. We also welcome any suggestions for topics or guest experts we might include on the show.

If you happen to like this podcast, Jeff’s interviewing approach, or his voice, please consider checking out some of the many services his business provides. These include podcast hosting, creation, and consulting; voice-overs; professional interviewing; production of audio or video profiles to help you sell your business, promote your services, increase your customers, or raise funding; event hosting and meeting facilitation; and services to help you market to the large and growing seniors population. That’s something he’s actually written a book about that!

To learn more about all of this and Jeff’s other podcast, Health Care on the Horizon, please visit You can also e-mail him at

Looking Forward offers sponsorship opportunities and a very reasonable way for advertisers to promote their product or service, especially given its positive spin. It’ has also great content for traditional and online media outlets, telecom companies, audio book publishers, etc. to include in their content. Some, such as MTN Telecom in Africa are doing that! Contact: or e-mail Jeff at

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