1. The Bioeconomy: A Worldwide Effort Valued at Trillions of Dollars… Creating Lots of Opportunities!! Jeff Ostroff 36:31

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What if I told you there’s an economic engine that will amount to trillions of dollars by 2030… and it’s already taken off? That engine is called the bioeconomy, which while improving our global climate, is also creating lots of job, career, business, and investment opportunities.  My guest expert on today’s episode is Dr. Nancy Connell, and she does a great job of informing us about the bioeconomy.

On this episode Nancy speaks about such things as (1) what is the bioeconomy, and what it’s intended to do, (2) what initiatives and businesses are already making an impact in the bioeconomy space– and she names many of them, and (3) the global extent of this trend, which is vast. Nancy then lays out numerous job, career, business, and investment opportunities which the booming bioeconomy has to offer. She also provides lots of tips and resources that will help you get started on the path to seizing opportunities in this exciting, relatively new industry.

Now a little bit about Nancy. Dr. Connell is Senior Scholar, Senior Scholar in International Networks and Collaboration in the Division of Policy and Global Affairs at the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. She is also Professor Emerita at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School where she directed biosafety-level three laboratory research in bacterial pathogenesis and drug discovery from 1992 to 2018. She is past Professor at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (2018-2021).

With a PhD in microbial genetics from Harvard University, Dr. Connell studies the impact of biotechnology advances on biosecurity, biosafety, and biodefense, focusing on their impact the implementation of Biological Weapons Convention. She has long been involved in the development of regulatory policies associated with biocontainment work and dual-use research of concern.

You’ll learn more about Dr. Connell’s background and how to reach her by listening to the episode.

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