Wednesday - November 30, 2022
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    The Encore Catalyst

    The Encore Catalyst( From Independent Podcaster)

    Set The Stage for the Next & Best Performance of Your Life – Your Encore!

    The Encore Catalyst offers a relevant, implementable system to help individuals take an active role in deciding their script, be conscious of what disguises and characters of the past no longer serve them and to assess the strengths and resources required to write and direct a bold new, encore performance.

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    Three mastermind partners - one in her forties, one in her fifties, one in her sixties discuss shattering paradigms and agesim for women. #ageism #birthday #menpopause #reinvention #transformation

    Are you a baby boomer looking to retirement? How do you discover your purpose now? Write your script, pick your audience, choose your stage and leverage your experience for your next and best role -...

    Isabel Banerjee introduces you to The Encore Catalyst and invites you to indulge in a free gift on

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