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  1. "There is more to life than we realize" - Cory Rosenke Terry McMullen 46:55

Cory is an author and a pastor, who has a deep faith in God. He believes that it is only through God that we can fulfill our inherent cravings and live a happy, peaceful, meaningful life. He has written a book, The Magnetic Heart of God – Understanding the Five Cravings of Your Soul.

We spent this conversation exploring Cory’s understanding of those 5 cravings, why he is confident they are spiritual and non-biological, and what it actually means to embrace God to fulfill them.

I always love the chance to talk to someone with deep spiritual beliefs, especially someone as open as Cory to examining and questioning them. It leads to such a rich, productive, and insightful discussion.

A more complete bio from Cory is below:

As an author, pastor, communicator, and a tenacious pursuer of truth, Cory Rosenke is both the concept pioneer and the foremost authority on the cravings of the soul. Through session, song, workshop and manuscript, he is dedicated to the pivotal work of connecting hungry souls to the joy
of their Maker.

In a world where truth and reality have become shrouded in deceptive ambiguity, Cory Rosenke specializes in reasserting the clarity of divine definition and design.

I spent much of my career trying to consult companies on how to better achieve their goals. I was a Finance major, a Harvard Business School graduate, and a business strategist. I've always been curious and I've always loved trying to solve problems. It was a really good fit for a while, but then life happened.

Within the span of a couple of years I had a son, my sister tragically passed away, and my wife became severely ill with Multiple Sclerosis. All of a sudden everything I thought I knew about life didn't seem to make sense anymore. I needed to raise my son and teach him how to be a good person but I realized I didn't even know what it meant to be a good person, let alone know how to teach him to be one. I also realized that I wasn't capable of being the person my wife needed me to be to help care for her. Simply put, I wasn't good enough.