Wednesday - November 30, 2022
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Wisdom Comes With Wrinkles

Deborah Brown-Volkman

Getting older in the workplace isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s a time of celebration. Battle wounds and scars; you’ve earned every one. You’ve seen and done a lot. All of your experiences have led you to this moment. Contribution and giving back.

Wisdom comes with wrinkles (TM) is a career-focused podcast hosted by Deborah Brown-Volkman who for 20+ years has empowered clients to find new jobs, new careers, and new ways of overcoming workplace challenges.

Deborah talks with guests who share their workplace experiences and lessons learned to pay it forward to the next generation.

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“Boys don’t cry.” Simon was taught that at an early age. As Simon grew older, there was an updated lesson, “Men don’t show their emotions.” The challenge is these lessons never worked for...