1. Episode #26: Everything is meant to help even the bad stuff. Deborah Brown-Volkman 20:21

As the mother of triplets, a divorcee after 15 years of marriage, a cancer survivor and a survivor of intimate partner abuse, Kelley’s life has been anything but simple. She has learned that making it through the bad stuff, and getting to the other side, gives you a life you could have never imagined possible.

During an 11-year bout with breast cancer, and during treatment, Kelley decided she would go back to school and learn how to help cancer patients. But life had different plans, and instead led Kelley into the world of mental health. Unknown to Kelley at the time, she was pivoting into a new career path.

Today, Kelley is a licensed mental health counselor.

During our interview, Kelley discussed ways to get out of a toxic work environment as well as how to see the red flags before joining a company. The good news is mental health is no longer a stigma in the workplace. People are talking about and acting on it more. Toxic work environments which took on toll on so many for so long, is being replaced with people who are committed to their own Self-Care.

Kelley Bannon’s web-site: https://www.kelleysgroilmhc.com

Kelly’s Bannon’s LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelley-bannon-sgroi-therapist-and-relationship-coach-1a690a125/

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site: https://www.SurpassYourDreams.com

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