1. Episode #27: It's ok to have boundaries. Deborah Brown-Volkman 19:04

After working and being available to her clients 24/7 for years, Shelly drew a  line in the sand. “I’ve had enough. Working all the time has to stop.”  She put boundaries in place. At first, she was afraid she would lose  clients. But, the opposite occurred. They respected her more.

Strong  boundaries helped Shelly give guilt-free time to both her kids and clients. Making clear boundaries allowed Shelly to be present with her  kids when it was time to be a mom and present with her clients when it was time to get work done.

“Stand strong when you set your boundaries,” Shelly says. “And, don’t get wishy-washy.”

Shelly Slocum is a retired 21 year real-estate broker, author, speaker and mom. She wrote a book “Love  and Inspiration from Mom” which came as a result of Shelly loving her  daughter back to health after living through a traumatic experience.  When her daughter got strong enough to go back to work, Shelly would  text her an inspirational quote every morning and add a couple of tips on how she could apply that in her day, and ended each text with “Love  Mom” It worked! After months of sending her quotes and “love mom’s,” her  daughter got better and stronger than she was before.  She encouraged  Shelly to put this into a book to help others who might be going through  a tough time or who want more positivity in their life.  Shelly’s book gives daily tips on how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade.

Shelly Slocum’s web-site: https://loveandinspiration.org

Love and Inspiration from Mom Paperback book: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Inspiration-Mom-Shelly-Slocum/dp/B0B1L622RS

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site: https://www.SurpassYourDreams.com

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