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Episode 220: The value of those who have served with Melissa Green.

  1. Episode 220: The value of those who have served with Melissa Green. Enrique Acosta Gonzalez 20:58

I spoke with Melissa Green (Founder & CEO Grounds4Cause) about “The value of those who have served.”   

You will learn the following:   

1. The specific skills and attributes that veterans bring to the workforce that make them valuable assets in leadership roles 03:22  

2. How military training and experience translate into effective leadership practices in civilian workplaces. 06:15    

3. Ways that employers benefit from hiring veterans, particularly in terms of team dynamics, problem-solving, and organizational culture. 08:07   

4. How businesses can best support the transition of veterans into civilian careers, especially in leadership positions. 10:34 

5. Initiatives or programs that have successfully promoted the recruitment and retention of veterans in leadership roles across various industries. 14:07   

To get in contact with Melissa:   




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Enrique is a 26 year Navy Veteran, business owner, best selling author, coach, trainer, speaker and three show podcast host. He blends his service, ministerial background and more than 20 years of senior leadership experience to develop leaders to their full potential and out of sucKcess to success.

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