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May 13th, 2024

JACOB LEVINRAD – Social Media & Ecommerce Marketing

  1. JACOB LEVINRAD - Social Media & Ecommerce Marketing Mark Savant / Jacob Levinrad 52:24

Jacob Levinrad is an expert in Social Media conversions. He is a multi-millionaire high school dropout, helping others start their own online business while maintaining and growing his own.

Join us for an exciting conversation with Jacob Levinrad as he shares his insights on how to convert Social Media followers to sales, the team and tech behind Social Media comms, and whether college is a scam. Don't miss this episode of the After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast, full of innovative new strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


  1. Focus is Key to Success.
  2. AI and Automation are game-changers.
  3. The Value of Adapting to Market Needs.

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Connect with Mark Savant

00:00 Driving traffic from TikTok platform is challenging.
06:09 OpenAI founder relinquishes control for AI independence.
09:24 TikTok might face potential loss, uncertain future.
10:17 Networking and connections lead to business growth.
14:23 Identifying expert coaches and top-level operations staff.
17:14 AI and Discord community, both free.
19:41 Personal brand crucial for intense sales process.
24:56 Diversifying income streams to avoid criticism.
25:51 High-value mentorship offers valuable access and support.
29:10 Costs and needs vary based on context.
32:27 Building agency, mastering skills, attracting new leads.
36:17 Patrick McDavid is funny and well-liked.
38:24 Promised $50, ended up with $25.
42:38 Offering growth consulting for businesses with potential.
46:04 Obsessive action guarantees success, solve problems thoroughly.
48:06 Adapt to current problems, deal with uncertainty.
51:11 Personal brand is essential for success.


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Mark is focused on revolutionizing podcasts by combining AI, automation, and human power. He helps podcasters implement cutting edge technology into their workflows and save massive amounts of time. He is the founder of podcast production agency Mark Savant Media, host of After Hours Entrepreneur, and leader of the After Hours Entrepreneur Mastermind.

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