Saturday - March 2nd, 2024
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The Old Man Podcast

The Old Man Podcast is for men on the way to 55 and beyond. We talk about everything related to guys getting older.

Most Recent Episodes

We continue with our chat about the high cost of dying, and a few other Thanksgiving topical treats.Find us on Facebook at

From spendthrifts to cheapskates, we extol the virtues of frugality. Find us on Facebook at

How are you planning to retire? We’re not talking about the money. What will you do with your free time? We have ideas. There are also changes afoot for the show.Find us on Facebook at...

Mature Content

Time for us to catch up. Death (and life) can be somewhat inconvenient. Find us on Facebook at

We’re all for technological advancement, but some advancements will put us permanently out to pasture and change some of our favorite pastimes. Find us on Facebook at...

Mature Content

How much do we love Christmas? You be the judge as we sound off on decorations and what we think are the worst Christmas songs. And we introduce our new segment, Scott Learns a New Word. Get your nog...

It’s true. Rock music bridges generations. We talk to Scott Itter, aka "Dr. Music” about his career interviewing  members of some of the world's most popular rock bands, and how he stays...

We talk about food and what we used to eat, currently eat, and shouldn’t eat at all. We also talk about Scott’s carrot.

We bemoan the sad decline of kid’s interest in cars and driving. Maybe they know something we don’t. Also, Scott buys a man purse.

We riff on comedy, freedom of speech, Pepe le Pew, and Swanson Frozen Dinners.(Note: we acknowledge the mistake regarding the reference to the Second Amendment.)

Fashion changes but guys with no sense of fashion are eternal. We talk about our shifting approaches to attire. 

Mature Content

We blame ourselves and explain ourselves while we talk winter exercise, cooking Walleye, and taking inspiration from a Dutch motorcyclist to be more regular about recording. Oh, and Scott is...

Mature Content

Feeling a bit insecure about remembering things? We dive into forgetfulness and fading memory while blathering about musicals, selective recall, and harkening back on grade school teacher names.

Things that mildly annoy you can become immensely irritating as you get older. We air it out on this episode. Plus, Scott’s story of the week truly “delivers”.