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Expedition Retirement

The Expedition Retirement podcast is for every-day retirees. We don’t talk about picking investments, instead we challenge financial advisors and the fees the trillion-dollar industry takes from your hard-earned savings. The advice that your financial advisor gave you to get to the top of “Retirement Mountain” probably won’t help get you down. That is what most retirees miss – until it’s too late. Tune in weekly for straight shooting, honest advice on protecting your assets from taxes, market risk, fees and long-term care. Get down Retirement Mountain safely.

232 episodes
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Greg is a very accomplished chef, and he can spot a cooking gimmick a mile away. The same way he can spot a financial gimmick in your 401(k). Subscribe or follow so you never miss an episode! Learn...

On this week's show:How Golden Reserve wants to give you permission to spend. Fees in retirement planning should be based on services, not your balance. Actor Bradley Cooper became a caregiver...

On this week's show:The market is whipping up and down. Does your retirement account have to do the same? One of the biggest complaints in retirement is: I thought I would have more spending...

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