Friday - February 23rd, 2024
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Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3yrs +

Children’s Stories For Bedtime 3yrs+ podcast has been voted one of the top twenty Children”s stories podcasts on the web. Ninety plus children’s bedtime stories. No nasties or ogres or things that go bump in the night. Lasting from three to twelve minutes, tales written to send little dynamos to sleep. Transcripts are available on webisodes. All the stories in book form – pdf or ePub – are available from The podcast also enjoys UNCLE ROWLAND’S PLEASURE PLACE. A rolling series attempting to feed and increase children’s imaginations. If there are problems with any of the stories do let me know @ Just added a support link for the podcast.I created Children’s Stories for Bedtime just over a year ago. And, thanks to you loyal listeners it is pleasing over 50000 + of you, as well as myself, for writing something actually useful. By supporting the podcast it will enable me to expand the show time wise, equipment wise, and will hopefully put even more children to sleep happier, world wise.Thank you all for listening! The Patreon Page is work in progress and all is still free on Buzzsprout – except the books!Children’s book authors: Slots are available to read your book on the podcast to over a million potential listeners.For details contact podcast host.

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