1. A Big Surprise from Mr Music 3yrs + Bernard King 4:43

Do you know what a guitar is? Do you know what a mandolin is?

Listen to Raphael and find out.

Intro outro music – John Bartmann.

Episode music, mixing and mastering – Raphael White. raphdbw@gmail.com

F/X – Freesound.com

Written and produced – Bernard King

In my younger days I wrote comedy material for radio and television in the UK. From jokes to sketches to complete programmes. After a business career in the electronic technical world I retired to the peace and quiet of the south of France - until grandchildren arrived!

My creativity was re-awakened by the demand for bedtime stories. These stories were eventually published in 20, 30, and 50 story books and are now in my children's story podcast.

I also have and offbeat comedy podcast (Ive come to help) where I help people who don't need it.

I have also written thirteen books that I am in the process of turning into audiobooks. The first of which is called "Imagine by Bernard King', and is available in all the directories.