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Ditch Your Debt While Banking Bucks: Living the 60/40 Rule on Your Current Income

 Author: Janine Bolon  Category: Finance, Personal  Published: 24 Jan, 2022  ISBN: 1735951552  Language: English  Tags: Book | Janine Bolon |  Buy Now

Ditch Your Debt Using the 60/40 Principle

No one gets up each morning thinking, “Wow, it’s a great day to pile on some more debt!” Yet most of us do just that due to the way we handle our money. This short book will teach you the few, easy principles to deal with the debt you already have and to avoid digging yourself any deeper. And do this on the income you currently have.

The magic of the 60/40 principle is that when you focus on using this system for the money that comes into your life, you see where you can leverage your income better and still stay in alignment with your moral compass.

Inside Ditch Your Debt While Banking Bucks, you will discover:

How you have more money to work with than you think.
Where your daily and weekly actions can be implemented to loosen up more cash.
The primary systems that allow you to relax as you decrease your debt.
How small changes in your behavior will lead to leveraging more cash into your wallet.
When the best time is to implement the 60/40 principle for maximum results.
And much more!

Before you make any decisions about what to do next regarding your money, invest an hour of your time and read Ditch Your Debt While Banking Bucks. It’s intentionally short and will open your eyes and mind to creating a financial direction of debt-free living with systems to keep you Moving toward your purpose.

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