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Bobbi Olson ( From Independent Podcaster)

​Turn pennies into dollars, become debt-free and build the life of your dreams!
Budget Coach “CentsAble” Bobbi Olson delivers resources, tools & hope to help you reach your financial goals.
Check back every week for new and informative episodes.

115 episodes
Most Recent Episodes

Is "Oops" a good financial strategy? "CentsAble" Bobbi discusses the pros and cons of action versus reaction, when it comes to your money. www.centsablechat.com

Dr. Shaan Patel, Founder of Prep Expert and Author of “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook: Winning Strategies to Achieve Your Dream Score” talks about the benefits of improving your SAT/ACT scores,...

David Gatchell, Author of "The Financial Empowerment Handbook" previews some of the many tools found in his book, designed to provide teens and young adults with a blueprint for long-term success...

How much is happiness worth to you? And what are you willing to do for it? CentsAble Bobbi discusses how to shift your focus from making money to living life on your terms.

Marriage Family Therapist and Navy Veteran, Monique Beauchamp shares tips and tricks for managing the emotional side of money and breaking down the barriers that keep us trapped in financial chaos....

Want to be debt free in '23? Want it bad enough to get extreme? How far are you willing to go?  www.centsablechat.com

Like many, I once believed the best way to stop overspending was to make more money. I just didn’t have enough for all the things I needed. Once I made more, everything would be fine. But it never...

If your bank account has ever been overdrawn, you know how frustrating it can be to keep track of your money. You may know how much you have in your bank account at this moment, but is there enough...

To celebrate America Saves Week 2023, "CentsAble" Bobbi is joined by Bobbi Rebell, Author of "Launching Financial Grown-Ups" JanaLee Pickett, Founder of Hope On A Dime and Paul Vasey, Creator of Cash...

What do you think of when you hear the word save? Does it stress you out? Is it something you wish you could do, but really haven't? Is it something you think you're doing on a regular basis, like...

Automation has almost become with convenience, especially when it comes to our money! Many believe that the answer to saving more money is to set up an auto transfer, or that bill-pay is the...

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