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AT#902 – Travel to India

  1. AT#902 - Travel to India Chris Christensen 54:39

Hear about travel to India including the Golden Triangle as the Amateur Traveler talks to Nir ben Dov from Israel about his recent trip to the subcontinent.

Why should you go to India?

“I’ve gone to India many times over the past 20 25 years and it’s a place that I’ve grown to love and love to hate it’s a strange place. It’s a place with its own character not for everyone But a very intriguing, place not easy, but a great place to visit. It’s very different. So I decided this time to take my wife because I know that traveling with my wife, it just has a completely different flair to it. I know my wife likes the colors, the very bright colors, and the chaos in India.”

Nir’s recommended itinerary for India includes:


  • Arrive in Delhi.
  • Spend some time at Connaught Place (CP), a central commercial area.
  • Chris recommends a number of Historic Places in Delhi to see

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Chris is the creator of Amateur Traveler is a popular online travel podcast and blog that focuses primarily on travel destinations. The Amateur Traveler podcast was downloaded over 2 million times in 2023.

The Amateur Traveler is 18+ years old and they use Amateur Traveler to teach English at Oxford University and to test English proficiency for employment with the Thailand Foreign Ministry.

Chris has won a Lowell Thomas Award, 5 NATJA awards, and a SMITTY Award from Travel+Leisure as the "best independent travel journalist."

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