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Candace: The Woman Who Defeated the Might Roman Empire. Featuring Prof. Stanley M. Burstein

  1. Candace: The Woman Who Defeated the Might Roman Empire. Featuring Prof. Stanley M. Burstein Daniel Mainwaring 27:36

Rome’s first and arguably greatest Emperor Octavian (Augustus) helped to evolve and expand the Roman Republic into an empire that encompassed France, parts of Germany, Asia Minor, Egypt and North Africa. But the seemingly all conquering Roman met his match in an African woman called Candace. Who was she? How did she come to be the de facto leader of the Kushites? How was she able to defeat Augustus and ensure an independence for her people that lasted for hundreds of years?

In this episode, I speak with a subject matter expert Prof. Emeritus Stanley Burstein of California State University, Los Angeles. We discuss the Roman expansion into Africa, the identity of Kandake AKA “Candace,” her legacy, and her huge role in shaping both African and Roman history. 

Guest: Prof. Stanley Burstein works on Amazon

Music: Pixabay

This episode is sponsored by World History Encyclopedia, one of the top history websites on the internet. I love the fact that they’re not a Wiki: Every article they publish is reviewed by their editorial team, not only for being accurate but also for being interesting to read. The website is run as a non-profit organization, so you won’t be bombarded by annoying ads and it’s completely free. It’s a great site, and don’t just take my word for it they’ve been recommended by many academic institutions including Oxford University. Go check them out at WorldHistory.org or follow this link: World History Encyclopedia.

I am a writer and podcaster from the UK based in Kansas City. I previously ran a British TV entertainment website. I also have written for the Houston Chronicle, San Fran Gate, Zack’s, Motley Fool and more. Now I focus on my podcast.

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