1. Podcasting as a Marketing & Brand-Building Tool with Michael Fritzius Terry McDougall 44:47

Michael Fritzius (or “Fritz”) is a multipreneur and has no desire to ever stop. Starting his career off in the corporate world, life kept throwing curveballs and directing him on a different path.

From full time employee, to contractor, to consultant, to finally opening his first business in 2015 in the business process automation space. Since then he's taken what he's learned from that now-closed company, and used it to start two more: a full-service podcast agency called podcastify.me, and an all-natural clean living products company that he and his wife Charlotte run out of their home called Exactly Zero.

They're building a legacy of freedom for themselves and their families.

Check out https://podcastify.me and https://exactlyzero.com.

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I'm an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Author, and Speaker who helps high-achieving professionals expand the overlap between their professional success and personal happiness. Prior to becoming a full-time coach in 2017, I was a long-time marketing executive.

I am the author of "Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms" and the host of two podcasts -- Marketing Mambo and Winning the Game of Work. I am a wife and mom to three grown children.