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Municipal Bonds: Demystifying Tax-Free Income With Gregory Torretti

Municipal Bonds: Demystifying Tax-Free Income With Gregory Torretti

Welcome to Season 4, Episode 5 of Meet the Expert® with Elliot Kallen!

Ever dreamt of tax-free income? This episode dives deep into the world of municipal investing with Gregory Torretti from American Century Investments. We crack open the secrets of municipal bonds, explore their tax advantages, and discover how they can fit into your investment strategy, especially if you live in a high-tax state. Gregory also unpacks the impact of the current economic climate, interest rates, and even Federal Reserve policies on municipal bonds. Feeling overwhelmed by investment options? We discuss the pros and cons of individual bonds versus mutual funds and ETFs, and explore how working with an investment advisor can boost your returns and save you time. So, buckle up and get ready to unlock the power of municipal bonds for a more secure financial future!

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Municipal Bonds (02:09)
let’s first talk about what is Municipal investing?

Federal Reserve (06:17)
So the Federal Reserve board touches the municipal World indirectly.

The US Vs. The World (09:28)
So how does this compare with the rest of the rest of the world?

Municipal Bond Market (11:19)
so interest rates Now read are more or less peaked at least for the moment.

What’s The Duration (19:36)
So some people talk about how long the how long is this Bond going to

Bonds, Mutual Funds, And ETFs (21:27)
So you could buy a bond. You can also buy mutual funds and ETFs with

Professional Management (23:50)
So I want to just continue that for moment because there’s something called

Risks: Cyber Attacks (30:20)
So Greg, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you a closing question on risk. For people

Elliot Kallen Wealth Manager | Registered Principal

For more than three decades, Elliot has provided customized wealth management solutions for entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees, and millennials.

Elliot and his wife, Tammy, are passionate about giving back to the community through their 501(c)(3) foundation, A Brighter Day. Through his partnership with A Brighter Day Charity, the Kallen family has helped local teens and young adults recognize and access resources to cope with the risks of stress and depression.

He enjoys spending his free time with his family. Some of his hobbies include cooking, wine, golf, travel, and studying history.

He lives in Lafayette, California with his wife, step-daughter, and grandson.

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