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6 Helpful Strategies for Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome

  1. 6 Helpful Strategies for Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome Anne Bachrach 10:07

Entrepreneurs are presented with countless possibilities. Some may tempt them with higher profits, greater efficiency, and more influence. However, impulsively chasing after the “next big thing” can lead to disorganization, a loss of focus, and stagnant growth. This phenomenon is called the shiny object syndrome or SOS and can become a serious hurdle to your personal and professional success.


What exactly is shiny object syndrome? Could you have it and if you do, how can you overcome it?


Let’s explore 6 strategies to help you overcome shiny object syndrome, so you can be on the path to more quickly have your ideal business and ideal life.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and Keep Your Eye on What Matters


Shiny object syndrome is nothing more than a fancy name for unnecessary distractions. These distractions take you away from your main goals and make them harder to achieve. If you know what you want and see shiny objects for what they really are, you can avoid being deterred and maintain a laser focus on changes that make a real difference to your bottom line, and keep you on the path to having your ideal business and ideal life.


Go to to check out for yourself how I, as your Accountability Coach™, can help you get and stay focused on you highest payoff activities that put you in the highest probability position to achieve your professional and personal goals, so you can enjoy the kind of business and life you truly want and deserve. 


Get your daily Accountability Minute shot of a single, simple, doable idea, so you can start your day off on the “right foot”. You can find The Accountability Minute on as well as on most podcast platforms and in most English-speaking countries.

Aim High,
Anne Bachrach
The Accountability Coach

I’m the author of many books, including, Excuses Don’t Count; Results Rule, Live Life with No Regrets, No Excuses, The Guide to Stopping Procrastination, The Power of Visualization, My Gratitude Journal, the Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, and The Roadmap To Success with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, and more.  

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If you would like help sticking to your goals, so you can make more money and work less, and ultimately enjoy having your ideal business and ideal life, reach out to me today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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As an experienced accountability coach and author of 5 books, I help business professionals make more money, work less, and enjoy even better work life balance.

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Anne Bachrach Work Life Balance Podcaster and Author

Anne Bachrach is a renowned expert in accountability and has helped business owners for over 25 years to achieve their ideal business and life. She believes that personal accountability is the key to success, and having someone to answer to regularly about progress is a powerful motivator. Anne has authored many books, including "Excuses Don't Count; Results Rule!", "Live Life with No Regrets; How the Choices We Make Impact Our Lives", and "The Work Life Balance Emergency Kit, No Excuses!". She has also co-authored the book "Roadmap to Success" with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

Anne has been podcasting since 2008, sharing her business success principles and resources on The Accountability Coach Podcast. She also started The Accountability Minute in 2018, which is a daily, single, simple, and doable idea to help individuals stay accountable and achieve their goals. With her fresh approach to business and emphasis on personal accountability, Anne Bachrach is a valuable resource for any business professional looking to accelerate their results and achieve their highest potential.

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