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12 Rules for Leaders: The Foundation of Intentional Leadership

 Author: Jesan Sorrells  Category: Leadership  ISBN: 0997408820  Pages: 241  Buy Now

Leadership has been the hottest topic in book writing since the advent of thinking about leadership going back to Marcus Aurelius and King Solomon. Over 400,000 + volumes are currently featured on Amazon.com about leadership alone and another 5,000 + volumes are published on the topic globally annually. The problem with all those books (and with training and education around the topic of leadership in general) is that leadership is much like pornography: we know it when we see it. Or, more specifically, we know it when it is lacking and long to see it when we do not.

12 Rules for Leaders: The Foundation for Intentional Leadership explores the 12 areas that each leader should know something about, not as a prescription for leadership success, but instead as a proscription of encouragement to act intentionally in the face of the churning uncertainty of the modern world, and with the heightened desire of followers to have their leadership experiences delivered to them with as much personalization as their latest iPhone.

Leaders at all levels, in all organizations, will benefit from understanding and applying this two-pronged approach to leadership: knowing what to do and committing intentionally to doing it. With such an approach, applied consistently, leaders at all positional levels may never have to read another volume on leadership ever again.

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