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Becoming an Exceptional SLP Leader: 14 Speech-Language Pathologists Do More Than Talk

 Author: Mai Ling Chan  Category: Alternative Communication, Leadership  Published: 01 Jan, 2021  ISBN: 0578999420  Pages: 181  Language: English  Tags: Book | Mai Ling Chan |  Buy Now

Graduating with a degree in speech-language communication is just the first step in your journey to connecting through communication and deeply serving the world. The third edition in the Becoming an Exceptional Leader book series spotlights the very personal stories of speech therapists who have successfuly integrated clinical practice with their individual passions, talents, and worldview. Each chapter is written by a professional who represents a niche area of the field of speech-language pathology: academic, research, technological resources, professional development and education, and more. Most significant are their unique paths to discovery and individual journeys to creating and shaping offerings that harmoniously align with their life purpose.

We share our experiences with you in this intimate setting as an invitation to find commonality, support, and courage to create and grow your own offering and have a positive effect on the global community. Each author shares inspirational people and experiences, genuine struggles, recommendations, and resources to help you compound your reach and expertise as a clinican as well as find fulfillment in your professional life.

We invite you to discover your personal potential and explore the unlimited potential beyond the communication disorder degree.

Excellent gift for new speech-language pathology graduate students, CFY year, special education team member, home therapist, and your favorite speech therapist.

Early Reviews:

“Becoming an Exceptional SLP Leader captures both the depth of heart and the humility of speech-language pathologists (SLPs). The heartfelt stories of how and why these individuals became SLP Leaders will kindle a passion for the profession as well as a burst of laughter, and the occasional tear. Written from the heart, this book will inspire students to become exceptional SLPs and help ensure the passion of helping others burns bright in all of us.”

Mary E Huston, MS, CCC-SLP
Department Chair & Program Director
Minot State University, ND

“It’s easy to think that the path to leadership is straight and simple. But these leaders’ stories help show that not only are there many ways to serve, but many ways to get there. I hope these stories and lessons can help the next generation
of leaders find their winding path as well!”

Meredith Harold, PhD., CCC-SLP
Owner of The Informed SLP

Foreword provided by:
Brian Goldstein, PhD CCC-SLP

Amy Hill MS, CCC-SLP
Barbara Fernandes MS, CCC-SLP (Smarty Ears Apps and Smarty Symbols)
Chris Gibbons PhD, CCC-SLP (Smartbox)
Erik X. Raj PhD, CCC-SLP
John Gomez MA, CCC-SLP (When I Stutter)
Kari David MS, CCC-SLP (Hope Speaks)
Kathy Hoffman MS, CCC-SLP (AZ State Superintendent of Education)
Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP (XceptionalLeaders)
Matt Hott MS, CCC-SLP (Speech Science Podcast)
Nicole Kolenda MA, CCC-SLP (Voice for Possibility)
Phyl Macomber MS, CCC-SLP (T.H.E. P.A.C.T.)
Rachel Madel MA, CCC-SLP (Talking with Tech Podcast)
Tracy Sippl MS, CCC-SLP (S&L Teletherapy)

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