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May 9th, 2024 Mature Content

LTA "Dream Empowerment" w/ Megan Mary

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  1. LTA "Dream Empowerment" w/ Megan Mary Mitzi Ocasio 23:29

Let’s Think About “Dream Empowerment”
In this episode, Megan shares how she helps others feel empowered by their dreams. For some, that may seem like a ludicrous idea. However, she explains this in great detail, and we get to share dreams of our past. It is always a great time speaking with Megan. I hope this episode helps you think about dream empowerment differently. 

Hi, my name is Mitzi. I consider myself to be an overthinker.

I love thinking about everything that can be considered and why such things are. I have always been curious about why people feel a certain way and how easily certain things can become taboo.

That is why I started Mitzi; let's think about it. Because I love thinking about everything that can be thought of, please tune into my podcast if you are as curious about life as I am.

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