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Summer Re-Release: Giving up Perfection with Tania Tetlow, President of Fordham University

  1. Summer Re-Release: Giving up Perfection with Tania Tetlow, President of Fordham University 44:05

Original Aired Date: 8/10/22

It’s tempting to believe that if leaders strive to maintain an aura of perfection, this masking act will then trickle down throughout our organization and make everyone want to be better. Today, Michelle and Tania Tetlow, Current and first woman President of Fordham University, are here to share stories as to why this couldn’t be further from the truth of leading effectively. Tania’s reflections on her most meaningful moments in academic leadership will prove that moments of imperfection as leaders are often when we achieve the greatest level of trust with our teams. And as Michelle argues, it’s not until we have this trust and resulting connection that our organizations are poised to strive for greatness, without the false pretense of perfection.

You can pickup a copy of Michelle Johnston’s newest book, The Seismic Shift, on her website:


Michelle Johnston Clifton Morvant Professor of Business

Dr. Michelle K. Johnston is a management professor, executive coach, and leadership expert who is the Clifton A. Morvant Distinguished Professor in Business at Loyola University New Orleans.

Her first book, The Seismic Shift in Leadership, The Seismic Shift in Leadership: How to Thrive in a New Era of Connection, is now an Amazon bestseller.

She was recently named A Woman of the Year by CityBusiness and one of the most influential New Orleanians.

Michelle is a celebrated keynote speaker presenting at conferences and events nationwide. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from Louisiana State University and was named to the prestigious 100 Coaches Group, which consists of the top executive coaches worldwide.
For speaking engagements, media, and more, visit

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